Our Story

Founded by a young scientist who took an interest in wild herbs and natural remedies that could be made from it. Wiidly envision people living a natural, healthy life independent of synthetic drugs.

The health benefits of rainforest honey are well-known among Malaysian locals, but relatively unknown to the outside world. Wiidly strives to be #1 trusted source of rainforest honey and tasks ourselves to educate consumers around the world on its extraordinary health benefits. 

We partnered with a renowned harvesting team that have been supplying the Malaysian locals with fresh rainforest Honey since 1990s. By doing so, we help raise the income of the harvesters and the economy of the local area.

Our harvesting team strongly abides by one principle; Harvest Responsibly! 

During harvesting, we leave behind 20% of the hive, so that the bees will have enough food and can easily rebuild it. We only harvest mature hives and leave the "immature" ones alone. This ensures that our nutritional quality of honey is always top-notch. Downside is we might be out of stock during certain seasons of the year.

Beside educating consumers on the health benefits of rainforest honey, we also spread awareness on how precious the rainforest is. The rainforest is home to thousands of exotic wild life (including the tualang bees - Apis Dorsata), and we’ve got to protect it.

Wiidly donates part of our revenue to to preserve rainforest land, combat deforestation and loss of natural habitat for wild life; playing a part in saving endangered flora and fauna from becoming extinct. We want to protect the rainforest so that our future generations will have the chance to appreciate Mother Nature and study receive its medicinal blessing.