Q: Where is our Tualang honey harvested from?

Our Tualang honey is harvested from the Taman Negara rainforest of Malaysia, oldest tropical rainforest in the world.

Q: How does Tualang honey compare to other honey like Manuka honey?

Tualang honey has the highest amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ever recorded in honey, even more than Manuka honey.

Q: Why is Tualang honey more expensive than most honey?

Authentic Tualang honey is extremely scarce. Tualang hives are incredibly hard to find and can only be found atop Tualang trees of 30 meters tall. Unlike regular honey from bee farm, harvesting Tualang honey is very dangerous and difficult. Honey hunters have the climb these trees with only thick ropes and long iron nails driven into the tree to act as steps.

Besides its rarity and difficulty in harvesting, Tualang honey contains diverse medicinal benefits not known in other honey like anti-cancer properties, regulate blood sugar levels, contains cardiovascular benefits and relieving post-menopausal symptoms in women.

Q: Is our Tualang honey raw?

Our Tualang Honey is 100% raw. We do not heat (pasteurize), adulterate or ultra-filter our Tualang Honey. All the natural pollen, royal jelly, propolis and beneficial enzymes are retained, leaving out hive debris and bee wing fragment. This as close as you'll get to eating fresh out of the hive.


Our Tualang honey are packaged into sterilized glass jars in a GMP certified packing facility. Many of our customers re-purposed the glass jars to store other food.

Q: Why did my Tualang honey arrived in solid state (crystallized state)?

Tropical rainforests are hot & humid. When Tualang honey is subjected to low temperature, it will slowly crystallize and form small crystals at the bottom. Recommended storage is room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Q: Why are there fine bubbles on the top of the honey?

Fine bubbles are signs of bioactive enzymes present in the honey. To test for enzyme activity in honey, shake the jar for a few seconds and watch the fine bubbles form at the top (large bubbles do not count). The longer the fine bubbles remains at the top, the stronger the enzymes.

Q: What are the small dark particles floating in the honey?

The “small dark particles” are the natural propolis fragment from Tualang hives. Propolis contains high anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties and have been used to treat diseases for centuries.

Q: Is our Tualang honey organic?

The USDA requirement for organic honey is that the plants within 3-mile radius of the hive must be free of fungicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and not be genetically modified.
The Taman Negara tropical rainforest is pristine, unpolluted and has been untouched for centuries, Tualang honey harvested from within is naturally organic. All the nectar and pollen that go in our Tualang honey comes from pristine rainforest plants.

Q: How should I eat Tualang honey?

Tualang honey is much more concentrated with bioactive enzymes than most honey. Recommended: Use a non-metal teaspoon. 1 teaspoon in the morning and before bed (before brushing teeth of course!).

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